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An attorney with over 25 years of experience in all aspects US and global immigration; immigration compliance (I-9/E-Verify); and nonresident alien (individual and entity) tax compliance (in the USA) and global immigration. I have lived in three countries and work effectively within ethnically and culturally diverse environments and populations.

My specialties include managing high-volume immigration and international tax work in large organizations and institutions; and creating effective, streamlined and federally compliant immigration and tax programs and processes for large, decentralized organizations.

I am experienced in US business, academic (student & scholar), healthcare and family immigration as well as the immigration processes in various countries. I am also experienced in non-resident alien taxation matter for individuals and entities, tax treaties and related tax matters. I am familiar with export compliance matters especially as they pertain to US immigration. I enjoy work environments that are both intellectually challenging and rewarding and where collaboration across units and peers is encouraged.