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With over 20,000 hours of work experience in the US higher education system, working with all types of universities and placing and recruiting foreign students, I have built powerful and intensive experience in this field. In the fall semester of 2014, I placed 3000 International students in the past 4 years
I am proud to say that I could not have achieved this number without the support and help from my students and our American university clients.
My team and I are working from the heart of the USA and we have the necessary license, and we operate according to the Department of Homeland Security's standards.

This will give any American university assurance that we're 100% here to support and help their admission department. We're not in a foreign country, which would be very difficult to understand their fees, system and whether they are legal or not. This is an additional reason American universities and colleges must consider working with us.

Please do not hesitate to email me if you have any questions.