Ms Alison (AJ) Jackson

Columbia University

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Columbia University


I have 20+ years of experience in nonimmigrant advising, international student orientation, and budget management in both a large, private research university, a smaller private university, and a large state-run university. I served as an ARO/DSO for 19 years at New York University's Office of Global Services (OGS Manhattan).  As of February 2019, I work in a Multicultural Affairs office doing social justice and undergraduate international student programming at Columbia University's Columbia College and the Fu Foundation School of Engineering. 

Aside from my day-to-day work, I have been a presenter in various NAFSA presentations.  I joined NAFSA Trainer Corps member soon after it began.  I have chaired and co-presented the  NAFSA Core Education Program (CEP) workshops: F-1 Student Advising for Beginners, F-1 Student Advising: Intermediate, Strategies for International Student and Scholar Advising and J-1 Advising for Beginners.

I identify strongly with being a biracial/bicultural third culture kid/adult.  As an Air Force Brat, I was born in Texas then raised in Okinawa, Japan (11 years), back to Texas (1 year), and finished junior high/high school in Arkansas (5 years).  Since then I have been living in northern New Jersey. I enjoy U.S. national parks, spicy foods, and long-distance gardening. 

Areas of expertise: F-1 regulations (DSO), J-1 regulations (ARO), international student orientation, social and career-focused events for international students, collaborations within a university setting, basic nonimmigrant taxes