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Understanding the difference between a narrative essay and a Descriptive essay

Undoubtedly, a student cannot pursue its academic career without learning the skills of essay writing in a college paper writing service. It is not wrong to say that essay writing is the last resort for the students. It has a vast domain as it covers all the topics, whether they fall under science subjects or art subjects. Therefore, students need to learn this skill.

Pursuing an academic career without taking an in-depth interest in composing lengthy writing pieces is impossible. For this purpose, the students need to follow all the predefined academic rules strictly. Only then can a student produce a top-notch essay.

However, a few students always complain that despite following all the academic rules, they fail to score good grades. Consequently, such students fret out and start considering essay writing a daunting affair. It is also imperative to highlight here that the students at the initial stage of essay writing often mistake mingling the concept and elements of one essay with another.

Especially when it comes to writing a descriptive essay or a narrative writing piece, the students merge the characteristics of both essays with each other. Ultimately, either an essay writer gets stuck in the middle of the essay while composing or miswriting it.

Therefore, it is essential to highlight the differences between narrative essays and descriptive essays. Before we highlight the difference between both essays, students need to understand each essay's concept first.

Narrative essay

A narrative essay is a genre of academic writing that demands an essay writer to narrate a real-life event significantly about paper writing service online. Doing so is not merely telling a story. Rather, it is way more than that. For this purpose, a writer has to critically analyze the topic and arrange the series of events in chronological order. Only then a scribbler should present the whole incident before the targeted audience.

Furthermore, the author should also examine all the characters that play a major role in making the event absolute. Afterward, the author must highlight those characters and categorically tell the readers the significance of those specific characters.

It is essential for a writer to involve sensory details in the text. If a reader imagines itself as part of the situation, you have done a great job then.

Moreover, the narrative essay urges the readers to take action according to their thoughts regarding the particular event.

Descriptive essay

It is another genre of essay writing. It demands an essay writer to describe a particular subject that could be a thing, place, or person. It requires a scribbler to highlight the characteristics of a particular subject. In addition of write my essay, a writer has to mention the reason for writing this specific writing piece. Besides, a writer must have a firm grip on writing skills as it is the utmost duty of a scribbler to draw a moving picture of the scene while explaining a particular subject.

  1. Differences between narrative essay and descriptive essay
  1. A narrative essay demands a writer to present the series of events in chronological order while there is no such limitation in the descriptive piece.
  2. A narrative essay requires the readers to take action regarding the situation while there is no action needed for a descriptive piece of paper.
  3. In a narrative essay, a writer uses first-person pronouns like I or me while there is no such requirement in descriptive essays.
  4. A narrative essay urges a custom essay composer to share a real-life event that it had experienced in its past. In contrast, the descriptive essay demands that a writer thoroughly describe a person, place, or thing.

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