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I was born and raised in suburban Philadelphia, PA. My goal from an early age was to become the first female supreme court justice - Sandra Day O'Connor beat me to it. I wasn't sure what exactly I wanted to do to get there, but I wanted to help the underprivileged or under represented in some way. I always had an interest in people from other cultures and constantly pestered my grandmother to tell me about growing up in Italy and how her family came to the U.S. When my first job opportunity in International Education came along I saw it as a good stepping stone to law school. I came to love working with the international physicians sponsored by ECFMG and when an opportunity came to work more closely with them at a healthcare institution, I jumped at it. I have been with Cleveland Clinic for 21 years and have met thousands of wonderful international physicians and scientists. I have a very rewarding (sometimes difficult too) job. I gave up on law school about 8 or 9 years ago, but I finished my Masters in Liberal Studies (Social/Behavioural Science) at Stony Brook University (online) in 2015. I highly recommend the program, they have many diverse courses on the immigrant experience, cross cultural studies and history. I've had some great professors and I think completed my best academic work in the past two years.