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Mindfulness and Selfcare as Tools of Resilience During the Pandemic

Our Reality “I can be changed by what happens to me. But I refuse to be reduced by it”- Maya Angelou The international education landscape has been changed forever in the wake of what seems to be the most monumental event to have occurred in the twenty first century. The Coronavirus...

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Pandemic, Resilience, Self-care, and Culture

Uncertainty makes most of us uncomfortable. This is so because it robs us of any and every illusion of control we may have. Stress results from the feeling that we do not possess the appropriate skills and resources to adequately cope with the situation at hand. Thus, when we feel we do not have...

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Acknowledge, Reflect, Act

On July 15, NAFSA’s Education Abroad Knowledge Community (EAKC) presented an Open Meeting titled Education Abroad - Emerging Barriers & Opportunities for Underrepresented Students , which was hosted by the EAKC Subcommittees on Diversity and Inclusion and Financing Education Abroad ....

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Reimagining Re-entry in the Age of Coronavirus

As international educators, we have gone through an impossible situation recently and supported our students the best that we can. Anything you have done, or are doing, to support students in their abrupt re-entry is valid, appreciated, and helpful. The purpose of this blog is to open the door...